Material Map Project


Final Map Due October 3

Due September 19 – Material list/ collection and initial research

Choose a material to explore topographically through the process of mapmaking. Make a map that explores the connections this material gathers around itself. Your goal here is to look around and produce a document of that exploration. Where does the material come from? What is it made of? What kinds of economic or other flows is it attached to? What is its history? Who comes into contact with it? Etc etc.

You might consider starting with a material you use in your practice or something connected to an idea you want to make work about. You can start with a fairly abstract idea and work that back to its material connections in the world.

Your map can be constructed or printed in any fashion. Whatever you choose it is to be fully set up or printed for the final critique (and if it’s an installation you must document it and turn in that documentation after class as part of your overall grade)

Whether this is a literal map that explores concrete aspects of the material and how it exists in the world or whether you find a more abstract set of qualities to explore, the map must be connected to a shared physical or cultural phenomenon (in other words this is not a map of something internal only to you)

For September 19

For next week choose 2 to 5 materials to do and initial exploration of them. Set up your research in your studio. Your research can consist of examples of these materials, images of them, images of their use, considerations of their qualities and smells sources etc.


derive and detournement







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